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Mamie Normandie is committed

every day to offer you gourmet, quality and French products.

Our brands

Mamie Normandie, desires, products, pleasure.

Mamie Normandie Merci Mamie

Merci Mamie

Our brand of artisanal products made in France from quality French ingredients.
With a will to propose always more qualitative artisanal products: brioches, sandwich breads, jams, spreads, ...

Mamie Normandie Mamilou


Organic artisanal products.
In order to offer quality products, which can correspond to everyone, we have created our brand of organic buns and sandwich breads.

Welcome to Mamie Normandie

Norman company producing gourmet and quality products, made from French products: flour, butter, free-range eggs, cream and whole milk.

Where to find us ?

If your favorite supermarket doesn't carry our products yet, don't hesitate to ask them so you can enjoy them.